Let me quote a passage or two from a Blog post:

After processing countless applications, carefully reviewing sample pieces and much deliberation, only twenty fashion designers have been selected to compete.

We are happy to announce the top twenty designers who have passed through our rigorous selection process.

Let me make this short and painful: Moriko and me went down the whole list, and tried to find the shops in question.

Several did not even show up in search, and the rest of them…

Well, there was one shop with interesting shoes (they are reselling Sim-I-Lar footwear), two shops that are actually good (and well-known, so they don’t really need to be in there), a lot of shops that simply make crap, two or three names that turned out to be bloggers or photographers but not clothing designers, and… a voice escort. Yep, a voice escort. You know, voice chat / web cam sex for money.

Sheesh. And they claim to have had a “rigorous selection process” that involved “sample pieces and much deliberation”. I would like to see the selection process and a log file of the deliberations when it came to that voice escort.

Where do i file my claim to get the last two hours of my Second Life back?


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