Vagabonds, or why I don’t put slurls to shops in my “Look of the day” posts

Lately, I’ve come off the idea of shopping at the big, established designers.

Some of them seem to haven’t had a single new idea in the last two years, at least.

You know what I mean… “New at suchandsuch”- announcements where the outfit in question looks like a remake of something from 2008, just in a different color.

Some shops are like that… and some are too much like that.

On the other hand, the small and fresh designers that haven’t “settled down” in a certain style, also haven’t settled down in a certain place.

Every time I think “hey lets see what’s new at suchandsuch”, it seems that my landmark (that I’ve updated just a few weeks ago) leads to whatever else, but not to what I expected there.

Usually, it leads to some empty parcel, or someone’s private home. Usually that means the shop has moved.

Sometimes it leads to empty air several hundred meters above ground.

Usually that means the shop moved, and the new owner of the plot doesn’t believe in teleport routing.

What I’m trying to say here is that I think there is simply no point in adding slurls to stores to my posts. Most of the shops will have moved elsewhere in a few weeks.

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