Can brands become obsolete?

I say they can.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s examine this “famous” shoe shop, the name shall not be mentioned. Lets call them… Dagger Hysterical.

They seem to be highly celebrated… but do they deserve it? I say they don’t. Not anymore.

Lets look at what the “standard” for shoes is today.

  • Sculpted foot if it makes sense for the shoe – check, they have it (in fact they were one of the first who did that)
  • Texture-change for the skin and toenails of the sculpted foot – check
  • Low-lag menu system with as little script usage as possible – nope. Their shoes are so heavy in scripts that you sometimes can’t teleport. Even in shoes that don’t do anything at all, they install three or more scripts in every single prim.
  • Alpha layers and a version of the shoe that does not have invisible prims, for viewer 2.x – nope. They don’t believe in that.
  • Demo versions so that you can try the shoes – nope. If they had demos noone would buy the shoes anymore, for the reasons stated above.

I say obsolete.

And by the time the lab actually implements script limits, they will really be obsolete.

Not a big loss.


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