My view on mesh outfits

The first mesh outfits have arrived on the main grid.

I have to admit, right now I’m not too excited about mesh for clothes, mainly because LL has decided that there won’t be any flexible meshes, but i got my hands on a free mesh dress from curious kitties, and it does look promising.

At some point we can expect some cool stuff in the area. Right now, the dress looks quite good but it is obvious that it is made for a much shorter avatar than me…

The non-flexi skirt actually doesn’t matter that much, in this design, since the skirt behaves pretty much the same as a “system skirt”, and the design goes for the “Tight, knee-length skirt” approach which works very well with it, but the dependency on avatar height poses some problems, both for merchants and for customers.

“Does this come in a size 95?” will be heard more often now, I guess.




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