Ice Age 3072

The year is 3072.

A thousand years after humanity has managed to use up the last fossil energy sources. As a result, the rising sea level from the melting polar ice caps diverted the gulf stream, leading to a radical drop in average temperatures in europe and north america. A new ice age has begun.

Simultaneously the dwindling ozone layer has given rise to the average UV radiation. Humanity is very tan… and dying out due to skin cancer and infertility.

Civil order has crumbled to nothing over 500 years ago.

The remaining humans scavenge for resources all over the ice shelf.

It is unwise to go about unarmed.

What I’m wearing:

[sYs] YNUIT – jumpsuit
[sYs] KABAN jacket (F)
[sYs] DOOM – shoes

*CC* Deeply Adored II – Ladies
JCNY – Crown Pearl, Gold Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring
EarthStones Love Me Eyebrow Piercing
[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Child Ear Cuff R
mijn.botique / accessories / ear cuff / black
K.A.C P90 V5.0

<DK> [Charm] Miah – Mocha
“LoQ Hair” Tiramisu – White
Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N02
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w4)
[MANDALA]Milky Nails/White

Where I Am:
The Ice Sea



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