Look of the day – 2018-05-05 – Cyborg Queen

So the other day I get an IM from one of my favorite shoe shops telling me that I’ve won one month of free fat packs of everything they release during that month in their raffle, and the second thing I got out of that are these lovely ..ok not the right word, awesome arms here. I’ve been waiting for something like that ever since the same store started releasing all kind of cyber legs…

Now I was finally able to put together a pretty radical cyborg look. Kind of like a female Jet Black from cowboy bebop, but without the muscles and with more cyborg parts.

What I’m wearing:

CATWA HEAD Lona v3.0
AZOURY – Barthelemy Onyx Legs, for Slink Hourglass, Black feet
AZOURY – Ephese Arm SLink Hourglass [leather black]
[CX] Sentinel Tail ( Blue )
[CX] Sentinel Tentacles ( Blue ) F
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V2.05
.Shi : Binah . Black
.:[PUMEC] :. – .ALBINO:. – / Gift \ – Only Body

[ABV] Catsuit V2 Black Transparent
Razor/// Authority Body Harness – HOURGLASS v1
AZOURY – ELOQUENCE Platform Heels, Metal
+MB+ BubbleMask
\//. -Belladona Collar Leather -{SlinkHourglass} [six]

Pictures taken at Hangars Liquides

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