About Bake on Mesh, current mesh bodies, and the sad habit of jumping the bandwagon

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tl;dr: Dear Second Life Fashion Creators: I am not going to spend what little money I still plan on spending in Second Life for an outfit that only comes for a mesh body that I don’t like all that much, and another one that I don’t have and will never buy.

Now a bit more to the point: It seems that right now more and more creators are making outfits only for Maitreya Lara, and for this new “legacy” body.

That’s too bad – for them: they don’t get my money.

After what I just heard from a store owner (by means of group notice sent by them) it seems to be extremely hard to get creator support for the Legacy Body, the creator of that body seems to be … unresponsive. OK, since I don’t make mesh clothes that doesn’t matter to me, but what does matter to me is that that body costs twice as much as the others I know, does not have full omega evolved support (no tinted specular maps etc), and the demo doesn’t even let you try if their “deformers”, which are supposed to make clothes for other bodies work with this one, actually work.

Anyway, to get back to what I’m actually trying to say here, if something doesn’t come for slink, I’m not buying. And yes, I’m a hypocrite there: there are a few stores that actually make me spend my money for lara-only clothes. And each of them is extremely unique in their style, and not just rehashing the same old theme that everybody found on the same editorial pages of the same elle issue: R2, .Salt., Devious Behaviour (who told me they were working on Slink versions), and D’eViL. Four, no more.

Now, to finally really get to the actual point (yes, I know, I’m rambling too much):

Bake on Mesh was developed by Linden Lab to give fashion people in Second Life a way to cut down on triangle count of mesh bodies (by eliminating “onion layers”), and on scripts (because you wouldn’t even need any scripts at all if you used separate feet, or copies of the same body with different feet heights). But what one mesh body creator did, was slapping Bake on Mesh support on a body that still supports alphaing by hud, and has the highest complexity of the three bodies I have, and that’s not counting the “onion skins” that they provide to enable people to still use appliers. But on the other hand, the body I’m talking about still has no support for omega evolved, so there’s no way to get tinted reflections (the body shine appliers from Stargazer and This Is Wrong, for example). On top of that there are three additional attachments that can be worn to still be using appliers (the whole idea was to end the use of appliers…), and one to enable things like stretching a t-shirt over your cleavage – something my favorite body does without an extra attachment, and in less complexity.

The way I see it, that version of that body is basically saying, “eff you, LL”.

And here are some screenshots from the outfits window with hard numbers:

If you wear all parts of the Maitreya Lara body, your complexity goes up by 14840 points. And all you get with that can be done in only one attachment, and only 3706 points…

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