Look of the day – 2020-07-11 – Spank Elf

Today was another of those days that sadly enough have become very typical: I grab some coffee, and head over to seraphimsl.com to look at the gallery of an event that started last night – and the first thing that catches my eye (as in, “Oh I might buy that”) turns out to come only for a body that I don’t like, and another one that I don’t have and am never going to buy.

Le sigh.

I will take this as an occasion to post my “Shopping rules”:

  • If it doesn’t come for slink… well, there are four shops in total that do “Lara only” and still get business from me. Chances are, you’re not one of the four.
  • “Please send a notecard, my IMs get capped” means “I don’t care enough about my business to have IM to email set up properly”
  • I usually go to any given shopping event once, right when it opens, to get demos. If you’re not set up at that time, I won’t get to see your stuff – but keep in mind: I am not going to go back repeatedly to see if you finally set up.
  • If I have to get the demo just to see what bodies the item comes for, forget it.
  • If you package your demos the same way you package your regular items, that’s ok and understandable, process avoids errors, but please don’t forget the “wear to unpack” script: If I have to go away from a crowded event that it has taken me an hour of TP-hammering to get into, just to check out your demo, I won’t check out your demo while I’m still standing right at your booth… or not at all.
  • “You have 5 minutes to try this demo” = “I don’t want you to look closely”
  • “Resizer script” is NOT the same as modify permissions, and “no modify” does NOT protect your creations from being copybotted.

Oh, and if you have a shop in SL, and now you think “I don’t have to follow someone else’s rules”, fine with me, but remember, you want my money more than I want to have to file more stuff in my inventory.

Anyway, with this little bit of unpleasantness out of the way, here’s my look of the day today: The Spank Elf.


OK, so the name sucks, what can I do, couldn’t think of a better one. But there’s elf ears, and the back of that skirt – well, suggest a better name and I’ll rename it 😉

What I’m wearing:

*Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body Bundle (Redux) V4.2.1
CATWA HEAD Lona v4.5
.Shi : Kadosh Hair
^^Swallow^^ Crossover Elf Ears
[Glam Affair] Daleyza Skin, Tone 01
A R T E – Blessed Eyes
~Shiny Stuffs~ Mei Makeup
Rosary. All White Party __ Slink XX-Long

VARONIS – Evanna Skirt & Top
AZOURY – Je suis un garcon

*PKC* Yin Yang Bento Lip Piercing – Catwa Lona
: CULT : ROU RINGS Silver (left & Right)
CATWA TEETH C Gems [Default]

Location: Just some skybox that by the time you read this will long be gone.

Inspiration: Maeryll from the online comic “I roved out in search of Truth and Love”. I’m not putting a link here because even though there is quite the captivating story to that comic, it is also VERY MUCH NSFW. If you think you still want to know, google it – but you have been warned. Don’t look at something you don’t want to see and then complain to me about it.

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